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Fund-Raising to Rebuild Gail Heller’s Non-Functional, Mutilated Nose, Minneapolis, MN, 7/9/21.

Friend, I know that in this climate of socioeconomic turmoil, finances are tight, but please find it in your heart to help. I am seeking financial assistance to correct a failed rhinoplasty surgery that I had in St. Paul, Minnesota, May 2018. Unfortunately, this substandard surgery resulted in collapsing my right nostril. I am left with a non-functional, deformed nose. This mishap has altered my life forever, necessitating extensive, costly revision surgery that I, in no way, can afford. I am in shock. Please help me rebuild my nose. Please help me to breathe again and have a semblance of a normal-looking face – so that I can live in this world with equanimity and joy.

In 2018, seeking surgical repair of the bridge of a broken nose, I was left with a surgical disaster–a non-functional nose. The right nostril is collapsed so that only the other nostril is open for breathing, but constant stuffed nose resulting from the collapsed nostril clogs left nostril completely, preventing even that. My health has been compromised. This state of being is debilitating and frightening, causing my body to panic. This is not something one is able to “get used to.” For now, I often use a nose cone to enable breathing, which gives me relief from constantly breathing through my mouth.

I have had to endure significant facial disfigurement for over three years now: The bridge of nose was not straightened, which is all I asked for . . . . The septum was moved to the right, collapsing and blocking the right nostril . . . . The right side of nose is less than 1/3 the size of the left side of nose. . . . On the left side, the indiscriminate placement of cartilage, along with the upper bridge not being straightened just above it, creates a prominent, quirky C-shaped deformity.  …           The tip of nose, with red and purple capillaries, is still too tight, feeling stuffed-full, still numb. . . . Two opticians and a graphics college student have each determined that the relocated septum is out of alignment and off center by ½ inch. As a result of the upper lip having been moved along with moved septum, you can clearly see that the lower lip appears skewed by 1/3 inch. Measuring this by the center of front teeth, there is clearly a 1/3-inch discrepancy between the center of upper and bottom front teeth. . . . Besides all this, there is a sizable, quirky flap of cartilage floating around inside right nostril which further challenges breathing, is a constant irritant, and itches.

I am a young-hearted, creative 72-years. I have much to offer the world. I am living on an extremely limited income, a small monthly Social Security check, for which I am grateful. Sadly, the quality of my life has degenerated considerably since this hack surgery. My world has become quite small. Please lend a hand-up! and I will quickly find my way through this medical nightmare. I have researched the services of an expert plastic surgeon for revision surgery who is caring and competent. I have faith in him and, more importantly, I feel safe with him. He knows what he is doing.

I have written this page to seek support from my fellow human beings, asking for whatever you will contribute to help. I want to regain my health and strength, become independent, and live again. Contact information for the surgeon, to make inquiries, and/or for direct payment, will be happily furnished upon request. Thank you for your concern and support to enable me to rectify this situation.

With Gratitude, Gail Heller

Minneapolis, MN

Goal: $23,000


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