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My name is Ryan Palmer,not the famous golfer Ryan Palmer lol I’m a Michigan native lived here my whole life, I’m a carpenter and landscaper by trade i worked for the same company for 18 years up until 2 years ago when the company closed down,the owners retired,so I was starting my own business but that didn’t last long, it worked for about a year and then my health started to decline and covid struck our nation. I never had the pleasure of having children or getting married guess that didn’t work out for me either, I just occuied myself with work, on 2005 I went down to Florida to help rebuild from the hurricane that year was same year Katrina struck Louisiana it was heartbreaking for me to see being from Michigan I had never seen that kinda destruction, after ththst I went to Florida for 12 years for 2 to 3 months in the winter to help rebuild I really enjoyed that as bout 6 months ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma I can no longer work I have no one to live I reside in my vehicle which is very difficult going threw this, my mother was only family I had and she passed from cancer when I was 21 so it’s just been me since then I’ve had girlfriends but never went far enough to get married so I don’t have any one to ask for help even and I’m not physically able to work anymore it’s hard not knowing were I’m going to eat or how to pay my phone bill every month or to get gas in my vehicle/home which is a big deal for heat and going to appointments and chemo, I’m 41 years oldĀ  depressed most of the time I just spend most my time in my truck talking to myself which is scary lol and trying to figure out what to do at times it seems it would be easier to just pass away but it’s not that easy it’s scary to go threw this alone and in the situation I’m in but any help that I can get would be greatly appreciated it’s hard just to deal with the cancer and treatments of it but to do it alone and homeless has made it even worse I’m do used to taking care of myself and never having to ask for help,I feel like a burden on people so I just don’t say anything and quietly suffera nurse that is part of my cancer team said to me a week ago that if any time in my life I needed to ask for help this is it she reminded me that this is the fight of my life and any help I can get will improve my chances of survival I’m must still be here for a reason for what I don’t know have to see where the rest of my journey takes me but any help with food or gas or phone bill or to be able to get a place to stay Even if it’s for a nite at a time helps tremendously so if you have extra I’d greatly appreciate it even little bit that helps with food is a huge help thank you for your time and any help you can spare thank you be safe and get your cancer screening regularly were not invindable even though we think we are sometimes thanks again hopefully my journey can countinue for at least a few more years would be awesome, godspeed amen

With warmest regards Ryan Palmer


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