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Karen was diagnosed with cancer in January 2022.  At the time, surgery was done to remove the cancer and an immune stimulating treatment was offered.  She underwent nutritional therapy and immune stimulating therapy and appeared to be recovered.  However, in May 2024, it was discovered that the cancer had returned and is now considered Stage IV.  It was also found that she had a blockage in her pelvic area which is being treated as a blood clot with blood thinners.  Because of the blood thinners, surgery is not an option, and chemo therapy is the only option being offered.  Karen has spent her life believing that cancer is a systemic condition and that the person should be treated as a whole.  She has made the decision to seek treatment at Euro Med Foundation in Phoenix, AZ, where chemo is given in a process called Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) along with other whole body therapies.  Unfortunately, Medicare (Karen is retired) does not pay for this treatment.  Therefore, Karen is needing help to pay for the treatment, as well as lodging and transportation.  She will be at Euro Med for a minimum of 4 weeks, but could be there for as long as 8-10 weeks.  Having already exhausted her savings on the first round of treatment, she is in need of funds to help pay for the new treatment, lodging and transportation.  There will also be follow up visits to Euro Med once the initial treatment is completed.

Please share this link and Karen’s story with everyone you know.  With much love, prayers, and financial help, Karen will beat this cancer.   Thank you for helping Karen to heal!

UPDATE: June 7, 2024

My first day was on Monday June 3. Started off with labs then IPT and other treatments. I do several different treatments each day of the week. This first week was very busy with having a PET Scan and getting a port put in to save my veins. I have tolerated everything very well. I am feeling very positive about my decision on going to EuroMed Foundation after my meeting with the doctors.

Thank you everyone for your continued support and prayers!

Love to all!


UPDATE June 15, 2024

Ended the second week of treatments. I have been tolerating all of the treatments very well, so far no side effects.

This week I noticed that I am slowly gaining some energy back which is awesome as I had none before. My labs are improving so that is really good.

I am looking forward to each week as I know healing in in progress.

Everyone here at EuroMed Foundation are amazing! They are so kind and make you feel like you are important and a part of the family.

I am positive that I made the right decision for my healing journey.

Thank each and every one of you for your generosity. Please share my fundraiser.

Love to all, Karen


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