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I am starting this campaign for my cousin James. He is a 62 almost 63 year old man who is educated and has worked hard all his life until Covid hit and he got a diabetic ulcer on his foot. His mother was dying and needed care, so he stayed with her and his handicapped sister until his mom died 2 years ago. He had trouble getting full-time employment, and as soon as he did gain full-time status, he learned he had stage 3 colorectal cancer. He had a fistula that had formed connecting his bowel to his bladder and now has a colostomy. He is a very sick man but is tough as nails and is pushing through the chemotherapy and radiation. As much as he wants to keep working, he simply can’t. He lives alone and has no real family beyond his disabled sister and a few cousins. He has exhausted his savings and has no money coming in. So far, he has relied upon donations and the little bit we have been able to give,  but money has run out. The charities in the area will only pay one utility every 12 months, and that has been exhausted. He needs to pay his mortgage and utilities each month, plus his insurance premium. He is still facing surgery and more chemotherapy after the surgery. He also has a gas leak that needs to be repaired so he can have hot water. He has a vehicle that is in need of repair. If I am able to raise the $15,000.00 I have set this campaign for, it will be life-changing. It will provide enough to fix his car and pay his bills for the duration of his treatment and surgery. He lives very simply and has his household bills under $600 a month. Any help would be a blessing. He is the most appreciative and deserving person I know. He has spent his lifetime doing for others and is now in need himself. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and even if you are not able to give monetary we ask that you say a prayer for him. We have faith that God will send the right people to provide what he needs.


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