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November 4 UPDATE:

We are SO close!!  Just under $6,000 left to go before our ultimate goal of $50,000!!!

I crunched some numbers and if every one of our 224 donors give another $27, we will reach our goal with a little left over!

I KNOW we can do this!!

PLEASE, for the generous donors of over $999, DO NOT put a comma in the amount (the computer program will add the comma for you!!).  If you attempt to put a comma in the amount, it will come up as a single numeral ie: 1,000 = 1.00.

Thank you all SO much and please continue to keep our friend in your prayers as she works to heal!


October 17 UPDATE:

All right everyone!!  Danielle is HOME now, PRAISE GOD, and we have less than $7,000 to go before we reach our ULTIMATE goal of $50,000!!!  I KNOW we can do this, together!!  I wanted to point out something that was discovered in the process of a very generous donor trying to give $1,000….  If you would like to give above $999, DO NOT put any commas in your donation – the site automatically adds a comma for you!

Again, please share this campaign FAR AND WIDE and let’s gift this family their money ASAP!!!!

All you angels and saints of God, pray for us!


Again, in less than a week, your generosity has exceeded the goal!!!  There are still people who wish to donate, so we’ve raised the bar, once again…  This time our goal is a lofty $50,000!!!  I KNOW we can continue this momentum and give this deserving family funds they will put to good use!!  Please continue to share this campaign far and wide!!!

In addition, I wanted to share with you a fasting calendar that has been created to coincide with the 54 day rosary novena being prayed for Danielle’s healing.  There are a few slots left, if you would care to join!

Prayer Warriors: Fasting for Danielle’s healing (signupgenius.com)

PLEASE, keep those prayers coming and share this most worthy cause!!!

September 16 UPDATE:  We did it!!!  Together we met our initial goal for this family in under a week!!!!  Since then, we have received donation requests from those who want to give and share this campaign, so we have raised our goal amount to $35,000!  I know we can do this!  Please continue to lift the Matavas up in prayer and spread this campaign far and wide so others may contribute to this very worthy cause!! *******************************************************************************************UPDATE: WOW!!!!  This campaign hasn’t even been open for 5 full days and yet here we are, over 90% to our $25, 000 goal, and just over $2,000 left to go!!!  I KNOW we can do this for the Matava family!!  Please continue to circulate this campaign!  The road to recovery will be long, but know that every dollar you have donated will be put to good use. Above all, please, PLEASE continue to pray for our dear friend.  For her complete and total healing. Thank you ALL and let’s finish STRONG!!! ******************************************************************************************* Dear Friends, As you know, our beloved friend, Danielle, was admitted to the hospital in the early hours of Friday, August 27 with double pneumonia. This past Saturday (9/4) after having her Confession heard and receiving the Anointing of the Sick, Danielle was intubated and via c-section, her beautiful daughter, Theresa Anne, was born healthy and thriving at 5 pounds, 6 ounces. Most importantly, the entire Matava family needs our continued prayers for Danielle’s complete and total healing, as she is still intubated and not out of the woods from a medical perspective. Secondly, there is going to be a financial burden placed on them that we can all help to alleviate. From medical bills to childcare and basic necessities, this is one way we can all pitch in to help this beautiful family who is loved by SO many. Please contribute as you are called, spread this campaign far and wide & please continue to pray for our dear friend! The family is specifically asking for prayers through the intercession of Mother Teresa, whose feast day is September 5th (yesterday!) and the day on which Theresa Anne was both Baptized and Confirmed, Praise God!!! A 54-day rosary novena has been organized, to end on 10/28, please join us in covering this faithful family with prayer! https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040c4aada82ba75-54daynovena Below is also a link to Mother Teresa’s Emergency Novena: https://mariangraces.com/blogs/news/how-to-pray-an-emergency-novena **Please note, all these photos are from a couple years ago**   


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