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My mom Teri is 61yrs old has had a bad year with her health. She has been in and out of the hospital, had to have a lot of tests done, and have many surgeries. She has liver and kidney problems, She’s gonna need be put on the donor list, she’s gonna need a new liver, got colon cancer, serouses, and thyroid disease, she got hurt in a car wreck in the past 15yrs from no fault of her own and suffers daily from it can’t afford the surgery. has no gallbladder but went in for surgery doctors found over 100 gallstones in her belly will still get more, bad luck. Her belly swells huge and has to have it drained all the time. All this while greaving still from losing her daughter. Father and brother both have passed away so my mom leans on me hard for everything but we struggle, I can’t seem to get ahead, get use in better situations. Something always kicks us back down. My car broke down so We don’t have any transportation at the moment so we walk everywhere we need to go she uses a cane so it’s hard on her to get around. My mom has no health insurance or disability or anything to help her it’s all on me. I have to be her caretaker 24/7 plus try to provide for us both. Her medical bills are stacking up, plus so many more hospital visits, doctor’s bills to come. I want to her to get better, I don’t want her to suffer in pain on a daily basis anymore. Having to listen to her cry herself to sleep some days is terrible noing I can’t do anything about it. I love my mom she is all I got and I want to help her more so thank you for taking time to read and maybe help my mom


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