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f you know Denzel, you know he is genuinely kind, funny, loving and willing to help anyone that crosses his path. He loves spending time with his family, friends, and his dogs Neveah and Bruno. On any given day, you can find Denzel putting his Master Machine licenses to use by working on a car or searching for car parts. When he isn’t working or hanging with family he enjoys playing in pool tournaments with friends.

A visit to the doctor for Covid-19 complications transformed his life swiftly and drastically.  Denzel was diagnosed with stage four colon and liver cancer. As you can imagine, no one wants to hear the word “cancer” nor do they want to hear stage four.

Denzel’s condition is quite severe.  He has undergone two back-to-back life-threatening spinal cord surgeries to remove tumors that are attacking his spine. Both surgeries were very risky and could have left him totally paralyzed but he pulled through and has been able to gain slight mobility in his legs. Although the surgeries were a success, he has had a few setbacks and still has a long recovery ahead of him. In addition to Denzel’s surgery, he will undergo monthly chemotherapy and radiation treatments for the next two to three years to get ahead of any potential tumor growth that may occur.

We are confident that the Lord has provided Denzel with a great team of doctors. “Doctor’s, what a blessing”, Denzel stated after his team of doctors personally came into his room and prayed for him. The team made it well known that they’re doing everything in their power to heal his body and allowing GOD to guide their every move and decision.  Every family wants to see and feel that their loved one is in good hands and at Baylor Scott and White the doctors,  staff and God has reassured us of this time and time again.

Unfortunately, Denzel is no longer able to support himself and the cancer diagnosis has produced a significant financial burden that we can not fulfill alone. All other financial aid options, including federal and state disability aid have been exhausted. Since he is not able to work due to pure exhaustion and incredibly, unbearable, pain Denzel is in dire need of assistance to help ensure he receives the care he deserves so that he can continue to fight this fight.

Please consider donating to support Denzel in this great time of need. No amount is too small. Your donation will be received with the utmost appreciation and will go directly towards his treatments.

Denzel is strong, and we are optimistic that he will recover from this with your help.  As he often says, “He has cancer! Cancer doesn’t have him.”


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