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Our beloved Music Director and pre-school music teacher at First United Methodist of Winter Garden, Jeff Bates, has undergone 5 surgeries to date.  He is scheduled for at least two more surgeries!  The surgery first occurred due to the separation of his colon from his rectum and an abscessed colon.  Since then, multiple surgeons have been having to clean the area where the infection had spread throughout his lower body.  The root cause is the chemo treatments a few years ago for colon cancer.  The Lord has been guiding everyone’s steps through this process to bring the right doctors into his life to make sure he is healthy again.

Jeff has been truly blessed by the doctor’s work.  He follows the Lord and has His hand watching over him and guiding the doctors.   He is blessed with a wonderful wife, children, and grandchildren.   As a result, his friends would like to help him and his family cover the inevitable medical bills that will occur from the surgeries, ICU, and the upcoming rehabilitation stays.  We want Jeff and his family to not worry about having to pay the medical bills that are accruing because of this unfortunate event.   We look for to seeing Jeff do the things he loves. Jeff loves playing the trumpet!  He can play any musical instrument he sets his mind to!   The church looks forward to listening to him play again.  He spends as much time with his family as possible.  He loves going to the Disney parks with his wife and grandchild, Amelia, and looks forward to introducing his newest grandchild to the parks also!



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