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Chassy has YET another battle to fight, and although she is a WARRIOR when it comes to all she has been through… she needs our help.

Chassy has been diagnosed with Covid AND pneumonia and is in the hospital on heated oxygen treatments. The hospital has been a home to Chassy before and will be for the next several weeks.

The battles she has had to endure would truly cave any other person. In 2011, she lost her beautiful son Lucas at only 6 weeks old to an extremely rare disease.  Shortly after, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma – and of course she beat it and is a survivor.

Chassy is a mom, sister, daughter, aunt, and friend to so many people that always rally for her.  She needs her cheerleaders now. Despite all she has been through, she refuses to give up.

Chassy will be staying in the hospital for a couple more weeks and has a long road to recovery.  She just recently purchased her first house for her and her two daughters, Kaelynn and Madeline. This go fund me is being started to help with anything she will need while she is unable to work and recovering in the hospital.

ANYTHING helps and adds up and she deserves a break! THANK YOU


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