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Although many a time we hear stories of African young kids surviving in abject poverty, it is even unbelievable to witness 21st century students schooling in buildings that are nearly collapsed. This is the reality of Koransang Presby. The hardworking teachers who struggle incessantly to be at post do more than what is required of them to level the playing field as the town and city students. The teachers begged, the town folks yelled for decades up until recently that the Government of Ghana has come to their aid and is constructing a decent school building. Another embarrassing but rather pressing matter is the issue of unavailability of a place of convenience. The students use the bush when nature calls. This is so unfair and unacceptable. This is not only a psychological problem but also a public health one as such. One needs not stress the consequences of this issue on the health of these students and also the teachers. Should we dilly-dally for an epidemic or a health crisis to engulf the community before we act? Or we should tackle the matter heads on. I choose the latter. It is in this regard that I humbly appeal for your help and immediate assistance to save the students. This is a matter of urgency and I strongly believe that an act of kindness towards these students will go a long way to not only add to their enrolment but also improve their learning and in extension help the entire community as a whole. I humbly appeal to you that you help us build a place of convenience for the school.


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