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Hello  I wanted to reach out and let you know I’m trying to raise money because I was a victim of a tragic accident. On January 3rd I was sitting in a nail salon drying my nails and a car drove into the Salon. The car struck the drying area I was at.  I was rushed to the emergency room and have been recovering since. As you can imagine I have not been able to get over this incident. I was about 25 weeks pregnant at the time and my only thoughts that were going through my head was if my unborn baby would be okay.  This tragic incident has caused me to be out of work for several weeks now. I’m a 1099 worker and insurance bills are piling up! I wish there was more support, and I didn’t have to burden others to help me. It is a true blessing that the lord helped me, and my unborn baby survive this tragic incident. I am coping and trying to stay strong, but not only am I worried about my bills getting paid, I am worried about my baby and being able to pay for things.  I have had several medical bills come in, several car transportation fees, several doctors appointments, and all of these things have prevented me to cope through this horrific incident. Every day is a constant reminder of how precious life is and how it can be taken in an instinct.  I have PTSD and several other PT issues I am working through. As I mentioned above, I’m pregnant and the main priority is to be strong for my upcoming birth in April. It is so hard for me to get financial support as I have never not worked, and to prove I need assistance has been an obstacle.   A donation of any kind would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading my story! Lucy


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