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Michael “ZEKE” Maloney is a proud family man. He served as a Marine during the Beirut bombings in 1983, then went to work for the Dept. of Defense. After 911, he felt the calling to give back more of himself and went into nursing until a violent patient attacked a co worker and as he jumped into action to save her, he was seriously injured. As a result of his actions, he became totally and permanently disabled.

Zeke is a proud man, loving husband, father and grandfather and passionate dog dad. A true patriot and patriarch of our family, Zeke has been with the love of his life, Donna, for 43 years. They have 3 beautiful sons-all of whom have followed in their fathers footsteps and served our country honorably. He has 5 wonderful grandkids, who he adores and wants to be around to watch them grow up. He is the kind of man who loves life-loves to ride his Harley with Donna and friends, loves to see his grandkids, will help anyone who needs it, is humble and never asks for help. But now he needs help.
Last month, Zeke was given the news no one wants to hear: You have Stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma. This diagnosis has devastated our family, and changed the plans he and Donna had for their future years-and they should have many more years to share. Now Zeke is in the fight of his life for his life.
Cancer is not cheap-his only income is SSDI and Medicare for medical coverage. Donna has worked 2-3 jobs to help support them, but now, she can only work one job so she can help Zeke with medical appointments, going to treatments, and day to day activities. They have applied for financial assistance through the hospital he is being treated at, Food stamps, Medicaid, and were denied all help.

With his huge heart also comes his pride, and asking for help is not in his wheelhouse, no matter how much he needs it. Thus, my sons and I have decided to advocate on his behalf, as it is our turn to take care of the man who has always taken care of us and help ease his burdens, allowing him the tranquility and peace of mind he deserves while we navigate this difficult time. With treatments, we are told immunotherapy can help extend a persons life by years. Without treatment, his life is reduced to mere months. Treatments are approximately $2,000 per month after Medicare pays their part.

All donations will cover continued Immunotherapy treatments, scans and follow-up appointments. Each contribution will be invaluable in his fight against melanoma cancer.
We sincerely thank you for any donations, shares, thoughts, and prayers during this pivotal time. Your generosity will help save his life and bring hope to our family that this wonderful man will be around for many more years.


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