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Coins 4 Cancer Kids is Dedicated to helping kids with cancer and their families. You can’t imagine the pain and suffering a child with cancer endures, prolonged painful medical treatments, isolation, and loneliness being bedridden most of the time and most of all not being able to be a child, plus knowing that you may die.  These are warriors fighting to save their own lives. NOW imagine that this is your child and he or she is only 5 year old. Now imagine that your this child’s parents, watching your child suffer every day knowing that it could be their last day alive. Yet you have to be strong and somehow figure out how to ease their pain, while at the same time trying to generate an income, pay the bills, take care of the home and the rest of the family, and show the courage to continue to fight for you child’s life. This could one day be you and your child.  That’s where we come in Coins 4 Cancer Kids, provides kids with cancer and their families, with the support and financial assistance a family needs. We sit down with the families and let them tell us what they need, it could help pay for medications,  transportation, babysitting, rent or shelter expenses, help paying their bills and one of a hundred other needs. We then sit down with them and work with them to solve their immediate and long-range problems. We try to become their Guardian Angels and try to bring back happiness to their lives during a time of suffering. We now need your help to continue our work, please make a small donation today, It Maybe you who need us tomorrow. All donations are tax  deductable


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