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Hello My name is Zhariaha and me and my husband recentally seperated, and he left me all alone with 6 kids and the same day my husband left me, my mom was also having to move and i couldn’t pay all the rent for my aparment by myself so we originally planed for her to come stay with me for a while in my apartment, but then she found a house and said that we should just move into the house together and split it half and half for more space… but i didnt want to because she was trying to get me to pay thousands of dollars to stay in a room with my 6 kids… but i decided to be a good person a help her out and move into the house, but then a week later after we moved in and i gave her all my money, now she’s putting me and my children out now that she has the house and the money that she needed. I don’t know what else to do, i can still go back home however i gave her my rent money plus some and is in need of some help please i dont know what to do. I had to fight her to defend my son because she wouldnt stop slapping him while saying “go in that room with your mother, i dont care where she go as long as her and her kids get out of here” and i dont want to put my kids through this type of stuff so PLEASE any Cent or Penny is appriciated so i can pay my rent and go back home.


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