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I just learned yesterday that my partner of the last 7 years has decided that he is not happy and is leaving our family. A few years back I started having severe medical issues. In November of 2015 I applied for disability. After waiting months I received a letter stating that I needed a court date but I had to wait the 12 month waiting period. I have a lawyer and I am waiting for a court date for the hearing,  Because of my disabilities including a heart condition called POT Syndrome and many surgeries with more to come I am truly unable to work. I have always been a very independent person. I grew up fast was married at 16 took care of my eldest son while running a household, going to school and working full time. At 23 I had my second son finding out that I was pregnant after a terrible car crash in 2002. I lost 4 years of my life to that crash and I still suffer some of the effects. But I stayed strong and moved on worked full time, was still in college full time joined the Army and raised my boys. I burnt myself out and something had to give so I left school. In 2009 my Husband left me for my sister in law. My boys and I were forced to move out in a day and we went to live with my parents. I drove everyday from Lee Center to Holland Patient which is quite a distance especially after you’ve been working all night. I would drop my eldest off at school and then go wait in the parking lot of my youngest sons school. One day the principle noticed after a week of me doing this that I was resting in the car waiting for the time for my youngest school time to start. She approached my vehicle and we talked about the situation. She then out of the kindness of her heart said that he could sit with her in the office and she brought coloring books and things for him to do before the start of school. I was so very grateful and I still am. I would then go to the park that was near by and sleep there because I couldn’t afford the gas to drive back and forth so many times. I did all of this so that my boys could stay in the same school as they had already gone through so much.  After about two months I found an apartment in Holland Patent and we moved in. Things seemed to be getting back on track and I felt as though I was finally making a normal and stable life for my boys. Until a very bad person moved in the Apartment below me. He started stalking me and stealing things out of my hallway. He hit my eldest son and I had to call the police many times on him. In the end of 2009 an old friend moved home and my boys and I spent just about everyday with him. So he ended up asking us to move in with him. Clinton was a much safer environment and we created a home together and we finally found stability again. Now after 7 years he has decided that he no longer wants to be a part of the family and has decided to leave us. I was told that he is no longer happy and in truth doesn’t think that he ever was. In the time that we have been together I had to leave the Army due to my health. And my conditions have only worsened. So my partner stepped up and said that he would take care of us and pay the bills. And once I started receiving if I start receiving disability I would help contribute as much as I could. In 2016  I had three surgeries in 2 1/2 months and I have to go back to my Dr to see if I have torn my shoulders out again. It’s not that I don’t want to work because I do! I hate feeling helpless and having to rely on the help of others. But I am also not ashamed to ask for help when I truly need it. Once he actually leaves my children and I will not be able to stay in the house that we have come to consider home. My youngest son will have to change schools possibly in the middle of the year. And my eldest will have to figure out college he is in the last semester of his sophomore year. All of my 6 specialist are here as well as our primary care Dr. And my eldest’s stomach Dr.

My youngest has made a wonderful group of friends and my eldest is doing very well in college. When my ex husband left us and everything was up rooted we were all divested and I can’t put them through that again. To loose everything that we have and start over again my boys and I are a wreck.

I would use part of the money to pay the rent for one year up front to ensure that we can stay here. I would also use the money to pay the utilities, car insurance and other basic needs. I am not a frivolous person and every penny would be utilized to ensure that my boys have a stable and safe home.

I understand that I am asking a lot. And it truly isn’t easy but I have lost all pride and shame for asking help at this point because I truly don’t know what else to do. If you decide to donate the money is tax deductible. And it would be appreciated more than words can say. Thank you

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