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It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself , NardyHarris, founder of HHH. After graduating from high school, I volunteered for the United States Military, as a combat engineer. I spent the next six years training and learning to survive in the most harsh condition, pouring rains, and extreme heat conditions. I spent weeks at a time sleeping in the snow and eating food from cans, bags, or boxes. This type of training a soldier must endure to survive for his country while at war. After my six years tour of duty, I came home to see people living in the same condition, I volunteered as a soldier thinking to myself these people are civilians, not soldiers, they have no chance of surviving after my tour of duty. I work for Rockland County Psychiatric Center, and at this time, I train as a case manager. During the next five years, place the client in the proper care, providing housing, medical care, and employment services. I learned that the human spirit is always willing to survive any condition with the help of another human being. My training as a solder and case manager inspired me to establish HarrisHomlessHeroes.org To feed and house the poor hopeless men, women, and children living on the streets of my local community of South Florida. As a nonprofit organization, your funds will be used to feed clothe, and provide proper housing for the poor. Follow us on youtube or Instagram, and Linkedin. Thank you for your time.


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