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Hello, my name is Erika Brooks. I started this campaign because my family and I are in need of assistance from anyone who is able to help.  My husband is a welder by trade and I do customer service work from home. Up until about almost 2 years ago, my husband was the breadwinner.  He took care of all our bills. He got into an accident and fractured his eye socket, he’s had two surgeries so far but still has double vision and may have to have another surgery. A few months after that, he got into another accident and had a complete tear in his rotator cuff which he has had surgery on and now in therapy.  We’ve applied for his disability and waiting on that. But until then, my job that pays only 500 every two weeks is not enough. We’re behind on alot of bills and can’t get help from anywhere. We’ve pawned almost everything of value and I go donate plasma just to stay afloat. We’ve been blessed for this long but I don’t  know how much longer we will make it.  I pray that someone can find it in their hearts to help us. Anything would be a blessing and we are very grateful to have people like you in the world.  Thank you for you’re generosity and helpfulness. God bless you!!!!

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