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This Family is a young family who started a family at a young age.  Jonathan has always worked to provide for his son and his girlfriend.  Two years later as they struggled to just get by, another child was on the way.  Jonathan finally landed a job in construction, and thought his troubles were behind him.  But one day while his girlfriend was driving she was involved in a car accident which totaled the car.  Without a car he can’t go to work.  So his parents found someone who worked with them to sell him a used car, which turned out to be a lemon.  Now that car needs a new tranny and he is still making payments on the car.  He can’t do both.  With the amount of rain Northern California has seen this winter, it barely pays for their apartment and food.

The entire family has helped them, one way or another, but none have the means to get them a car.  Now there is a 3rd baby on the way that will be born in April.  He desperately needs a car to get to work.  These kids just need a chance at life.  If you were every young, if you remember how hard it was to get started and get a good paying job and start building your credit, give this family a chance.  They ask for nothing but just enough money for a down payment that will get them a decent running car so he doesn’t loose his job.

Please find it in your heart to help them.  These are good decent people that just need a little nudge to get back on their feet and get a car so he doesn’t loose his job.

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