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I am currently trying to survive stage iv liver cancer with immunotherapy treatments every couple weeks. I currently have no permanent place to live and I’m trying to survive on $482 a month from social security. I am driving a 30 year-old car that was given to me to get back and forth to my appointments. They had several things going wrong with it and I don’t have the money to fix them. My wife and I currently have to live separately and we can find no place that we can afford to live together. He’s the victim of an automobile accident and has had four reconstructive surgery to her arms which were shattered in the accident. I have trouble with food cost, medical cost, and trying to pay any bills that I have including insurance and deductibles. Any and all help that I may get would be greatly appreciated. I have tried using several different websites and supposed helpful organizations with no luck so far. Most of them have put me on a waiting list that is so far out it’s as if no help is in reach. I have no local family to help other than my own children. I’m trying my best to keep my head above water but I’m finding it increasingly difficult on a day to day basis. Any help that would be given would be used to Great purpose. None would be for frivolous or nefarious purposes. I’m hoping that this site might give me some relief in a sewage some of my worry. Please understand the predicament that I am currently in and appreciate the values.


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