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Hello all. Well, to try to describe the emotions we are all feeling after this terrible loss is just something that can’t be placed into words. We all are suffering this tremendous and tragic event, Brittaney’s passing. All that knew her know how amazing a person she has always been. The happiness and love that we could always count on from her was unfailing. The struggle she faced, very few could ever come close to understanding. Brittaney was a true joy and loyal friend to all. She never took the easy road from the moment she was born and it pains me to know how much she struggled alone. She has never been one to come out and ask for help, in fact, she would offer her help even what she was the one who needed it. The last nine months of her life were so uncertain. She spent so much of her last days in pain and constant anguish because of this debilitating diagnosis. I am creating this account because although Brittaney was sick she did not have any life insurance. Since she was diagnosed with cancer, day to day expenses kept piling up while she was unable to work. Her mother and some family members helped as much as possible, but I’m sure anyone who is reading this will agree that she deserves to have all her final wishes met. As many of you may know, giving someone you love the proper celebration of life and burial is very costly. It’s important to everyone she loves that she be sent to heaven exactly as she wished. Because of the costs to bury her and have a ceremony, things like her home and her animals may suffer. I am asking that if anyone would like to help cover some of those costs, please donate here. You get it as a tax write off, and this website doesn’t charge to withdraw funds at all. I believe I speak for our entire family when I say this : anything helps, anything at all. The donations go directly to cover the costs of her funeral and would help greatly for things that most people wouldn’t think money is needed for. If you are seeing this post more than likely you have had the special opportunity to be apart of Brittaney’s life whether big or small, years or weeks. You know the person she is and you know how thankful she would be to know that you helped. If money is tight and you are just unable to donate, please hit the share button. Get this out into the community because it might just touch someone who doesn’t know Brittaney personally but who would be able to help cover the costs. Again, I know if Brittaney was here, she would tell you how much it means to her and how much she loved every single person she knows. God Bless all, and Rest in Paradise my sweet, beautiful cousin. – Ashlee


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