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It breaks our heart to lay Rebecca Zabora to rest. It was devastating to learn of her breast cancer. Upon learning of her diagnose Rebecca committed herself completely to her treatment.  After fighting viscously for last six months against breast cancer our beloved Rebecca lost her life on April 30th, 2022. The strongest women we know fought right up to the last second. She was loved unconditionally and fiercely from the moment she was born right up to her last breath. The lord truly broke the mold when he made her. Rebecca was a women of peace and love, she was a women of respect and honor. No matter what life through at her she was always a fighter. Always committed to her family. She cherished her time with her grandsons and always pushed to be as close to them as possible. A beautiful soul who will be dearly missed. At 45 years old she left us way to soon. She loved her family as deeply as they loved her. She is survived by her husband Eric Zabora, her three sons Austin Zabora, Trent Zabora and Eric Zabora, her two grandsons Liam Zabora and Colton Blanco. As well her loving father Jim Murray and her oldest sister Renea Sellers. As you can imagine the expense of cancer treatment really took a toll on the family financially. We are humbling asking you to help her family peacefully lay her to rest and give her the services she truly deserves without the worry of a financial burden. Any donation is sincerely appreciated.


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