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As many of you know, my mom Amy DeArmas faced a terrifying and lengthy stay in the hospital after a treatment for a yet-undiagnosed issue went wrong and gave her encephalopathy, which mimicked a major stroke.

After losing and subsequently regaining all cognitive function, she is thankfully recovering well and we are all relieved. However, my family is now faced with serious hospital bills and her treatment is still not complete.

My mom’s friends kindly set up a donation page to help cover the costs and help my family in this difficult time.

We’ve had so much support, prayers, food deliveries, and more, and this has genuinely touched the hearts of my entire family.

But for those of you asking me what you can do now, this is it.

Many of you know my mom from the Traditional Learning Community where she tirelessly works to support the local homeschool community, from touching children’s lives in a positive way, to supporting new homeschool families struggling after COVID-19. My father Dan DeArmas also started his own business, Baltimore Taekwon-Do, where he also supports the community in the Catonsville area. Between this, the lives they’ve touched are countless.

Besides that, anyone who knows my parents (and my siblings) know that they are all the type to drop everything to help those they care about. They always have been.

They will self-sacrifice until they’re exhausted just to support their friends and family. They go out of their way to lend a hand on top of parenting 6 kids and running their own businesses.

If anyone deserves good to come their way, it’s my parents.

If anyone in my family has ever helped you in any way, this is the way to repay them.

They’d do the same for you.

Thank you again for all the love shown to my mom and my family. All of the kindness brings tears to my eyes. Even sharing this link is a huge help. May you all be rewarded for your kindness, help, and support.

From Vanessa-
While moving from paradise to the city I told myself living next door to DC would be different than the island of Hawaii but was hopeful I would find the right people to continue on our homeschool journey. Upon arrival to Maryland I opened my messages and a magical fairy had sent me all the info I needed to exactly what I was looking for. I could have spent my first few months frustrated and lost but that fairy showed up and had all the answers to all my questions. Every week we are grateful for these blessings Amy introduced us too. It’s been the foundation for my son and I in this city life.
I instantly knew Amy would be my go to resource for many things but more than that she’s a friend forever. Those are hard to come by these days. She’s loved by many from her contagious smile and hugs to her genuine pep talks that we are above and beyond capable of homeschooling our children the best we feel is right for that child. Amy is one of those precious ones we always know when her presence is there and that we can show up exactly as we are.
From Nadine-
Amy has always been a source of inspiration for me. I first met her through a Tae Kwon Do class that her daughter gave at a local homeschooling center. At the time, I was the mother of three young girls (the boy was yet to be born:). Her eldest was only 16 and was a passionate and strong young woman with fire in her eyes and a smile on her face. My role model antennae went up big time, Patricia is a very impressive young woman! I thought to myself, “Her mother really knows what she is doing!” The years have only proved that statement right time and time again. The effects of her kindness and care have borne proof in each and every one of her six amazing and splendid children. (Their father is awesome too!)
From seeing Amy dressed up as Athena leading capture the flag for a Camp Half Blood summer camp, to watching her repurpose that very same wig to do a Taylor Swift impersonation meant to encourage giggling droves of children to join her onstage, I have watched her tirelessly advocate for children. Not just children in general, but she got eye level with the children, your children, my children,  sincerely interested in their well being and their precious lives, always taking them and their needs seriously. All of you who have had the great good fortune to enjoy her mentoring on any homeschooling issue know what I am talking about. Nothing is ever wasted with her and every opportunity is meaningful. She can look at what may feel like a train wreck to you, smile with kindness, and then open a window to let in the fresh air of a new perspective.

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