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Hello, my name is Candice Garland. A little over two years ago my father David Garland Jr. was diagnosed with ALS. It has taken all movement from both his arms and hands, and his legs are getting very weak. The only time he gets out of the house is for his many doctors appointments. We have borrowed a manual wheelchair to assists with those trips. He has been approved for a level 3 power wheelchair by Dr. Alpa from the ALS clinic at John Hopkins. Which is fantastic. The only issue with that is even after his social security disability insurance covers 80% we still need to pay the remaining 20% which is $8,000. I have saved $1,000 so far. I’ve been racking my brain trying figure out how to help my father with this. This equipment is very important for him to have and will have a great impact on his quality of life. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Lots of Love,

Candice Garland



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