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STEPHANIA BALTHAZAR KALLIE  HAS PASSED THE    Balthazar family thanks all the People that came to honor and Prayers to our BELOVED STEPHANIA BALTHAZAR-KALLIE The service was beautiful, she never wanted a fanfare because she was a very private person…..She loved music, dancing at family events, CHRISTMAS WAS HER FAVORITE time of year…..She loved people and always made them welcome, and she was the life of the party….she always would make you laugh even when it wasn’t funny, she was very smart, and  she was very  Beautiful and kind soul……Toward the end she as very Scared and had a lot of ANXIETY attacks but she coped the best she could….She knew the end was near, but she never gave up…….Giving up was not an option…….We were able to give her the best sendoff of  we could…I  hate to to ask for Donations but we are short for the Creamation ….ANYTHING WILL HEP AND WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED…….THANKS, GOD BLESS


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