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This is my 1995 Toyota Camry Le.  A pretty reliable work car that I own for 8 years. I have approximately 304 thousand miles on the engine and I  plan on maintaining this vehicle for another 200 thousand miles before I switch over to an electric model. I live in the state of California and our smog regulations are one of the strictest in the country. The great thing about this  Camry is the engine in this car was one of the best made by Toyota. Many people ask me if I would like to sell this car at its present state but I tell them – Thanks but no thanks. I have been a delivery driver for Grubhub for the last 5 years, so the vehicle is very important in maintaining my job. So what I’m asking for are funds to repair work that needs to be done. Here is my list of repairs and that are needed to get it back to pristine condition. Repairs list on my car 1. Rebuilt transmission 2. Front and back brakes 3. New Radiator 4. All 4 tires 5 Shocks and struts 6 Paint job  7 labor cost 8. Total for cost and labor $5,580 total


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