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HI , My name is Thomas im going to be 52 end of september , I am home less but i sleep on my brothers couch and my aunts couch a few days a week and other times i just sleep on my car .I have food stamps and basic health coverage thru the county. I have just gotten over covid within the past month, and i had the vaccine on 4/5/2021 , i was a break thru case.  I have Essential Thrombocythemia since 2011 not diagnosed till 2017 ( a mpn – blood cancer ) I take chemo pills hydrea , I have neck issues that require surgery but don’t have any coverage to help me with that right now ( it affects my neck and both arms pain and weekness & pins and needles . I need help with a car payment and insurance for  a month or 2 , i filed for disability may of 2020,      i have had to hire an lawyer , im waiting for an appt. to see a judge about my case.  I use my car to sleep in , to get to and from doctors office’s and to get food  with out my car ill be on the streets some nights and ill have to walk every where im supposed to go ,Im not supposed to be in the heat or sun due to my medications   Thank You , Thomas  I hope you can help , thank you for taking the time to read this


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