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Hello everyone, my name Is Kayla and I’m writing this to try to help her out.   My mom had a stroke couple months back and then her Diabetes was all wacked out, plus she had no insurance when she was admitted to the hospital.  But Thank God the social worker helped her get insurance for workers with Disabilities.  It was like one bad thing happened time after time for my mom.  My mom (Marci) is a kindhearted mom, she would do anything for anyone to help them.   We would go through a line for food, and she would buy the person’s food in back of us and just smile and tell them to Pass it On. But like I was saying when my mom was in the hospital the rent fell behind and mom being proud didn’t want to ask anyone for help.

So, mom went to court last week and was told it could be days or weeks but if we got the rent $5,000 plus this month, they would try to help us get a cheaper apartment. So please find it in your heart to help us out so my mom stress out, I don’t want to see her getting sick again.

Thank you all if you would be so kind to help us out.   My mom doesn’t know I’m doing this.   I hate seeing my mom sit and cry and Shuff.  So, if you all can find it in your hearts to help, we will be forever grateful to you.  THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU


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