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This holiday season, I would like to help teach the younger generation of my family to help others in need. Last year, I took my niece to volunteer at a shelter. This year, for the holidays, both my 14 yr-old niece and 16 yr-old nephew have asked to do something to help people in need. I am thrilled and honored that they are interested in this.

I have decided that the best way to have them see and help the homeless, face-to-face, is to hand out food and supplies, in person. To that end, we are looking to raise money for said supplies. We are looking to raise money from the good people we know and from those we maybe don’t yet know, who would like to do something to help. By donating to our cause, you are personally helping those in need, and equally important, are helping to foster a lifetime of compassion and understanding, for the next generation.

The money we raise will go to making sandwiches and meals to be handed out in person, in the beginning of January. We also would like to be able to buy basic supplies for the homeless, like socks, razors, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

The checklist of what we need looks a bit like this:

-Sandwich meats, cheeses and bread

-Mustard and mayo packets

-Fruit and chips

-Plastic bags for food and toiletries kits

-Socks, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Soap and Razors

Won’t you please consider forgoing one fancy coffee or snack, and donating $5 or $10, or whatever you can justify?? EVERY BIT HELPS. Thank you SO much!!!!

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