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Hello, I am a 59-year-old disabled veteran, and I started suffering seizures about 3 years ago.  I live alone and would greatly benefit from training a service dog to help protect me when I fall during a seizure.  Lately, the seizures have started to increase in frequency and intensity.  They are grand mal seizures and have no warning when they are about to happen.  Having a dog to protect me when I fall is the only solution we have to help people with my condition.  I am on a limited income and cannot afford the adoption fees needed to adopt a dog. Unfortunately, there are no resources available for veterans to help obtain a service dog, and am at the mercy of the public.   I cannot explain how terrifying it is to suffer seizures due to epilepsy.  I have been through a lot of tragedy throughout my life, been deployed into hostile situations and I have never been afraid of anything like a seizure.  Waking up in emergency rooms realizing that you have just lost control of your body and mind and that you have potentially put yourself and others in danger is a scary thing.  There is no memory before the event, and it usually takes 2 or 3 days for my brain to reset and start functioning normally again.  Unfortunately, the anxiety has caused some depression and other conditions currently under care. It has been well-proven that having a therapy dog can be very beneficial and can help with anxiety and lessen the number of seizures.  I would greatly appreciate any help in helping me pay the fees needed to adopt a dog and would be deeply in debt to anyone that can help, please. Thank you, and have a great day!


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