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Hello my name is Toya Palconayo . I am a tripple negative breast cancer survivor.

I am 48 years old ,single and have no children. I am preparing for radiation,my last step of cancer treatment.

During chemotherapy I was able to pick up temp work as a cook. My chemo ended August 10.  I had two surgeries the first took place September 15 and the second September 22.

I payed rent in October not realizing I wouldn’t be able to work until God knows when. Cancer treatment and surgeries drained my body .

It causes causes extreme fatigue in me. My appetite is none existent. I drink ensure, water, and ginger ale. I was hopeing all I needed was about a month to recoup. I was wrong and my Doctors warned me

I need help with rent more than anything my rent 850 plus with utilities I have a food card from the state of Illinois so a 1000 dollars a month will cover all living expenses.  My goal is to raise 10000 dollars.

So much money is rasied for cancer research, there isn’t any finacial support for those in need. I applied to many cancer organizations and government programs.  There is no cancer programs dedicated to helping in need cancer patients or survivors. The government programs for rental assistance are out of money.

I am very embarrassed for having to do this. But I and other cancer patients and surviveors need help and I would like to thank all who will donate. Whatever funds not needed will be donated to other in need cancer patients and survivors. Thank you again


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