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October 27, 2021.  Liz had her second doctor progress review on Thursday October 21. Once again, the progress was promising, and the cancer is being eradicated. On the other hand, Liz has another 4 weeks of treatments. God has provided for us and we’re confident he will continue to provide for this next month of treatments.  The good news  is that Liz will return to NC on Friday November 19. We’re thankful she’ll be home for Thanksgiving! Liz will have her PET scan in NC on the same machine as her original PET scan. This is planned for Monday November 29. We continue to thank Jesus, for miraculously permanently eradicating all cancer from Liz. We continue to ask Jesus to protect Liz’s heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys. We are also asking Jesus to provide full time work for Jeff.


October 5, 2021. We remain in awe with the generosity of so many that blessed us in our need. Our previous goal of $28k allowed Liz to continue to receive 4 weeks of treatments. We’re still receiving many requests to make contributions; this is truly awe inspiring. We have no desire to take advantage of people’s generosity, we’re aware that the giving is sacrificial, and we want to honor that in truth. This means, we want to make positive that when we have a need, we will ask, and nothing more. We’ve increased the goal are re-opening the site to receive contributions. With your continued generosity we will use that to for the bills we received in August towards what insurance did not cover.

We are blessed and BEYOND grateful for all your hugs, thoughts, messages, prayers and gifts.

Love, Liz & Jeff


October 2, 2021. Wow! Jeff and I have no words to express our gratitude, appreciation, and thankfulness for each one of you. On Monday we humbly asked for your help, six days later we are awestruck having met our need. We all just participated in a miracle. The outpouring of your thoughts, prayers, calls, messages, and gifts brings Jeff and I to tears (I literally cannot stop crying.)   The love we feel from all of you has been overwhelming. Through tears of joy, I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your sacrifice and generosity have all enabled me to continue receiving treatments through October 22nd to be healed by the grace of God. You have also contributed to another miracle; you’re literally saving my life. You have been the hands of God releasing blessing on us.  May He open his heavenly storehouses and pour blessings into your life.

Please do continue to join us in prayer believing for a miraculous healing. From the depths of our hearts, thank you so very much.

Love, Liz and Jeff


Liz in the desert
Liz in the desert

September 29, 2021  Did you just tell me I have 1 year to live? And the doctor replied “Yes”.  This past July 2021, I was diagnosed with breast cancer which led to all kinds of MRIs, scans, and other tests.  In August 2021, my husband and I learned that my breast cancer was stage 4 triple negative. The doctor literally said to me “If we do chemo, breast surgery, and radiation, I may be able to give you 12 to 15 months to live”.  This was shocking, it felt like we had received a death sentence.  I have always done the right thing, I ate organic food, well balanced healthy meals, I exercised and made my health a priority.  How could this be?  No substance abuse, almost no alcohol (maybe a glass of wine around the holidays), no smoking.  I guess stress took its toll.  I immediately decided I would not accept the doctor’s death sentence and knew God has something better for me.  Neither Jeff or I were at peace with the diagnosis or treatment protocols of traditional medicine.  So, I pushed back the fear and turned to God, and he came though.   We found a clinic (EuroMed Foundation) in Phoenix, AZ that offered what sounds like a common sense, rational, and logical approach. It delivers maximum effectiveness against the cancer while minimizing damage and long-term effects to my cells and organs. THANK GOD, I was accepted as a client at the AZ clinic.  Jeff booked my flight; and made boarding and transportation arrangements.  I began treatments on August 23rd and after 4 weeks, the doctor’s tests show the treatment is working and the cancer is being killed.  Praise God!  However, I must continue until all of it is gone; otherwise, it can mutate and come back with a vengeance and become immune to the treatment.  This means, we go for another 4 weeks and retest on October 21st.  I’m not sure how much longer after that until it’s all gone but the doctor indicated he was thinking 3 months.  Here is the baffling point; our healthcare insurance will only cover the traditional approach and hasn’t covered any of my less expensive “holistic” treatments. In the past, we worked very hard to always “do the right thing”, have an emergency savings, pay our bills on time, help others.  But life has hit us hard a couple of times.  My husband has been unemployed for the past 2 ½ years and then cancer hit us.  In addition to having to pay for housing, rental car and my food here in AZ, the treatments are currently averaging $7,000 each week.  We’ve hit the end of our savings and we are reaching out for assistance.  We are firm believers that God is sovereign, our healer and our provision.  Would you please add us (Liz and Jeff) to your prayers, prayer requests, and prayer groups?  We are thanking God for a permanent, miraculous, eradication of any/all cancer on/in Liz.  We are also thanking God to open a job opportunity for Jeff that will allow us to get back on our feet and be able to meet our financial responsibilities.  We are asking if you would also prayerfully consider contributing to help us with the burden of costs?  Perhaps you can share this on your social media page, and God will work in amazing ways.

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