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Over spring break I am going on my first mission trip to the Dominican Republic with my school. While on this trip, my team and I will have the opportunity to be involved with prayer walks, medical clinics, eye clinics, sports, backyard Bible clubs as well as construction and evangelistic presentations. I am SO excited to see what God has in store for me on this trip!

I am asking for your support in two ways. The first way, if possible, is financially. This is a rather pricey trip and I need your help in raising the funds to go. Additionally and more importantly, I am asking for your help through prayer. With the Dominican Republic being less than 5% evangelized, the missionary work is far from over. The Dominicans love Americans which creates an open door for sharing the Good News of Jesus.

Thank you so so much!!!!!


ps – your donation IS tax deductible 🙂


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