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this is rachel she is a loving mother of 4 struggling to stay afloat her husband recently passed away after a long battle with medical issues she is majorly struggling to pay her rent and bills and provide for her kids. she has been able to make it by because of the kindess of people. a bit about rachel, she an incredibly kind positive optimistic person shes always praying for everyone else and trys to help others in any way she can even though she is seriously struggling herself .her faith in the almighty is unwavering truly knowing and trusting that all the good and the bad comes from him. Ive known rachel for a long time and i try to help her as much as i possibley can but its not enough she needs your help. she wants to get her teeth fixed and be able to keep her home pay her bills and continue to sustain her children. i know times are hard for everybody but if their is anything your able to give to make her life just a little bit better, a little bit easier every little bit will make a big difference and will help her tremendously! may God bless you for opening your hands and heart to help this beautiful soul in need! please help rachel get back on her feet!


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