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I never thought I would need to resort to something such as this. I have always been a hard-working guy, and I love working with people and was professionally successful in hospitality-restaurant management prior to my current situation. Last summer I got my two covid vaccine shots as many of us did. Unfortunately, I had an adverse reaction to the vaccines and was diagnosed with vaccine-induced Guillain-Barre syndrome. If you are not familiar with it is an autoimmune disorder in which your body attacks your nerves, causes numbness and paralysis in the extremities, and can cause breathing failure. Fortunately, I did not have breathing issues.  However, I did gain many disabling symptoms. I have numbness in my hands and feet, I can’t open jars, open plastic wraps or bags, cant button buttons. Can’t taste the food I eat. I have no reflexes left in my legs. I have difficulty standing up without listing. Cant carry any weight walking is painful but after around 3 months of the 5 months since I was diagnosed I am slightly more mobile now. My doctors say, although there is no cure for GBS, I should recover most functions within 18 months.  Which is a welcomed thought. At times in these last 5 months, I have thought I’d never be myself again. The reason for this funding request is that I cannot work, My disability application is still processing. I have been living off of food stamps . Although I wish I could just go get a job, physically I have been left with no other options to survive, I have months of rent owed and am hoping someone may be willing to help me through this impossible situation I have found myself in. I was just trying to do the right thing getting vaccinated.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. God bless!


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