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Derek Mellum was a man of strong faith and love.   Derek went home to Jesus on 04-10-2022 at 3:20 am.  His journey has touched so many.  Cancer did not take Derek down, for his faith was strong and he was fearless throughout his entire journey.  He loved life and enjoyed it to the fullest with his wife Abigail and her children Parker and Carter.  They need our help as they have physically, mentally, and financially fought so hard for 3 years.  The family would love any support; how you can support the Mellum family?  You can read Derek’s message below, that was the most important thing to Derek, to share his story.  You can help by donating money for immediate funeral expenses, please share to spread the word.
Derek and Abbigail his wife have shared their story and faith with so many special people.  We hope to keep sharing the message of Derek’s story.
A NOTE: from Derek and his Journey from a year ago.
I wanted to take a few minutes and write something up to share what Abbigail Mellum and I just learned on Friday…
As pretty much everyone who knows us, knows at this point, I was diagnosed with grade 4 glioblastoma 2 years and 3 months ago… A death sentence within 16 months if you were lucky enough to make 16 months..
After two brain surgeries back to back I had several spiritual experiences including THREE with Jesus Himself! I/We have shared these experiences with as many as We could, but also many haven’t heard much of anything about this. So I wanna share in compact fashion..
My first meeting with Him was SO magnificent and beautiful! He told me to take his hand as I knelt before him naked, He continued to go on and tell me that I was cured!..
the second was a walk on a beach along an unknown sea, we walked and he talked to me about creation (his robe was beautiful bright/sparkling pearl white), He came back to check on me asking ME, if I wanted to continue to “stay here, come with Him or start anew”. (I was toward the end of chemo and could feel death pulling at me). I was crying and asked Him if I could stay. He said yes and that there would be ups and downs. He also said to tell people about Him, and as I cried, I told Him, “I will but nobody will believe me”, Jesus replied, “Remember, time is based on me”.! It hit me hard that EVERYONE will know and believe me because the WORLD based there dates off of Him being here on earth!
The third time He pulled me out of my body and I stood beside him as I watched Him turn me, laying on the MRI table, from a man into myself as a baby. Surround by His love suspending me in mid air, He showed me that He was there when I was a baby and dying as my kidneys failed and dr’s had nothing more to try to do to save me, He was the one that saved me because I had a purpose!
Many doubt and question these things among the handful of other things that happened spiritually during this past couple of years, but my words are My testimony to His/our truth..!
Friday we found out that I will be undergoing another brain surgery at the end of the month because there is something blurry showing up on the MRI.. The future is unknown for anyone and everyone out there, no matter how much you think you’re in control, or can keep yourself healthy etc..
I believe 100% in His plan for me, and my faith in Him, once built up to the unwavering status through being one of BLESSED few to see and touch Him (not supposed to look at him btw). the continued astonishment of doctors and those around me understanding what grade 4 glioblastoma is and what it typically does to people, shutting down their bodies and taking over their minds at the same time. Being told all the things that “will happen within the first year”.. the OPPOSITE happened, I grew stronger relearning to walk, balance, regain use my arm and half use of my left hand again. My brain SLOWLY recovered back to it current status of probably 90% “normal functions”. And have been lucky enough to have a workplace that was committed to me as I have been to them allowing me to work my way back into my management position for the past year plus.. My WIFE has been my Angel on earth and my COMPLETE blessing from God to be by my side 100% of the time through recovery and chemo, putting her life and career on the curb to be my in home care through it all!❤️. She’s the BEST thing that has happened to me on earth, and second best thing in my life ONLY second to Jesus Christ my Lord and savior!🙏🏼… and as we prepare for my third brain surgery and Lord willing, hopefully last. I hope that people will find a new, or renewed faith in Jesus, through our story!!! He is King, and my life is in His hands EXACTLY where I would wish it to be!🙏🏼.. there have been a handful of people that I know have unwavering faith in my incredible story, and I thank them for being by my side…❤️❤️
Anyone who has questions or wants to know more feel free to message me or my wife Abbigail, we love sharing!
These are pictures I drew with very little hand eye coordination after the events took place, I actually drew the first Jesus experience first with me holding his hand, but the dr picture is what happened first, my grandpa and cousin who are both deceased flew into the surgeon as he operated on me. When I woke from surgery I told him what happened immediately… My wife put them together in a cases frame for my 40th birthday this past June! The one that I wasn’t supposed to make it to..😉🙏🏼

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