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Hello, I am a semi-functional adult. Whos currently been waiting for disability for years and was abandoned by my whole family. I have not worked since 2019 because of my disability. So I don’t have the income to pay for this immensely painful tooth that wakes me up 5 times a night. It is starting to drive me insane from the pain. If anyone could find it in their hearts to help me I would never forget the generosity. I’ve never made a campaign before but I have no idea what else I can do to fix my problems. It’s a tooth I can’t readily rip out on my own.

Please help me for the love of God ;-;

I’ve been living with a cracked tooth for the last year and a half. I have a lot of other oral / dental issues past/present. I am in agonizing pain daily. And It’s making me think about scary things. The pain is so severe I have to overdose otc medications just to get the pain to go away and it is starting to catch up with me. Please please please for the love of god help me D; I’ve asked everyone even god and I’m still suffering every day in and day out. I can’t even find peace in sleep! It’s been a living hell for the passed year. Our home is going through foreclosure on top of all of this and I’m stuck here waiting for disability for the last 5 years. Please help me


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