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Dear Friends and Family,

My name is Shanna Dew. I am writing to ask for your support for my family. My beautiful mother, Debbie Burnside, was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. My parents are both retired and living on a fixed income. They are traveling almost 2 hours away, at least twice a week, for her chemo treatments. The chemo has caused my mom to become very sick at times and have to stay in the hospital, When she is in the hospital, my dad travels back and forth every day that she is there because there is no place for visitors to stay. My dad has been amazingly strong through all of this. He has been at her side every step of the way. He has been her guardian angel. He gets her whatever she needs and does whatever he can to make her comfortable. He even still manages to make some time to play with his grandson! Their grandson is their world. My mom hates that she cannot play with him much because she does not have the energy or feel well.

My mom has always been the “Rock” and the “Caretaker” of our whole family, not just our immediate family. She is very close to her brother and sisters and all of her nieces and nephews as well. She has always been the one that takes care of us when we are sick or hurting. She is the one that we go to for advice. Now it is our turn to take care of her!

All money raised will go towards medical expenses, travel expenses, and whatever else may be needed during this difficult time. I have set a goal of $5,000.  Any and all help is appreciated!

Thank you,

Shanna Dew


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