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David and his disabled girlfriend moved to Orlando for a job opportunity and warm weather. Signed a 15 month lease at $2400/mo. Have a lease payment of $550/mo due as well. Shortly after arriving in Orlanodo, David was admitted to emergency room at hospital with life threatening Jaundice. Further tests revealed that the cause was a tumor and pancreatic cancer. David spent two weeks in hospital with diet limited water or nothing at all. David lost 25 pounds. His oncologist is setting up a program of chemotherapy for starters. A port is scheduled to be placed in chest for treatment. David cannot work. He is very weak. He is scared of being evicted. His medical insurance is a HMO and does not allow for out of network treatment. He is just looking for a year or two of financial aid so that he can get well, continue to live in current apartment, then go back to work and work full time once again. Any financial aid would greatly appreciated to help at this very difficult time.  David is not looking for long term help, just some aid to get on the other side of his struggle. David has worked his entire life. Often a fulltime job as well as a second part time job. He is not lazy. He is hoping that funds donated from this website will allow him, his girlfriend and dog to enjoy a good life down the road. If help is not attained, David will be in a situation of not having a place to live, losing his medical insurance, and for all practical purposes have a complete dismal future. There was nothing David could do to prepare for the situation that unfortunately he is in today. Thank you.


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