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I was working late one night, I had left my car running I turned away for a few moments and when in turned  back there was a men in my car and he took it. I ran after the car but he drove off very quickly. in the video attached to this post there was a second vehicle that was a lyft car and the man who stole my car went back and forth before he took my car. Those same people asked if they should follow my car. They did, but didn’t come back only the passenger from the lyft vehicle did and left in a third vehicle (that the time I didn’t know about the connection) . Thankfully my phone was in my car and my husband tracked my phone thus the car I went over with the police and everything  look ok but he took money from my purse and destroyed my dashcam and ripped my rider seat. I also lost a day and a half of work and I had to spend money from my bill budget and my savings  I’m asking for help because my husband is covering from back surgery so we are half at our normal income already and me losing these days will put us in a bad situation, please any amount you can gave is appreciated thank for your time.


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