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My name is John Hamers, and I am currently a student at Charis Bible College in Sherman, Texas. I graduate in May of 2017.   In February of 2017 I went to San Jose, Costa Rica for a week long mission trip with 23 other Charis Bible College Students.  During our trip I was afforded the opportunity to visit a ministry called Face of Justice, that works in Human Trafficking. I was moved with great compassion for the work that they are doing reaching out to the hurting people trapped in the sex trafficking industry. God has put Face of Justice on my heart and called me to return  to San Jose for a three month internship with this ministry organization. I am leaving for Costa Rica Summer Internship immediately after graduation in May 2017 and will return to the United States in August of 2017. The funds raised will be used for travel expenses, room and board accommodations and all other expenses during my stay in Costa Rica. Your support is greatly appreciated. I am excited to have this unique opportunity to serve and minister to hurting people, who so desperately need to experience the unconditional Love of God, and to support Face of Justice in accomplishing their ongoing mission of love and compassion for the lost and hurting. Jesus- their only hope! Love People, Help People in Need


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