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Who: You and every gun owner you know. What: Online tax-deductible fundraiser and in-person “Open Carry” event benefitting children on behalf of the original intent of the 2nd Amendment. When: Donate now and Saturday April 17, 2021 12:00 Noon Where: ICarry.org, GiveTaxFree.org quicklink, TN State Capitol Grounds in Nashville Why: Responsible gun ownership and use are a necessary and valuable aspect of a free society and must be preserved and passed down.  Responsible gun owners also take responsibility to help others, and there are children in need.   Self-defense is a natural-born human right that everyone possesses at birth and retains until the moment they leave.  The US Constitution recognizes and enshrines this right in the 2nd Amendment – “…the right to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” “Constitution Carry” is the ability to exercise this right without “prior-restraint.”  Concealed-carry laws have swept nearly the entire country, while simultaneously violent crime has continued downhill.  Now constitution carry is sweeping the country and removing the burdens, restraint, and chilling effects of gun control.  Criminals have enjoyed constitution carry ever since the 2nd Amendment was ratified.  Now citizens of 16 states (and growing very quickly) get to enjoy the same. Constitution Carry for Children’s Cancer (C4), a project of ICarry.org, is raising money for children and families who have the undue burden of facing serious health challenges.  If you are reading this, you have the opportunity to help people who could really use it with your tax-deductible donation that goes directly to charities for children.  You can help a child, help a family, and do it in the name of the 2nd Amendment and the right to keep AND bear arms in true and honest fashion as originally intended, without never-ending “reasonable” restrictions.  The 2nd Amendment can be treated as the other incorporated amendments, just like the 1st. For the Nashville Fundraiser, the money raised (minus the fees that fund the platform GiveTaxFree.org) will be divided evenly and distributed directly from GiveTaxFree.org to the following two charities: The Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt (Nashville, TN) Ronald McDonald House Nashville   Thank you for donating!!  Please make all donations through this platform so the 2nd Amendment and responsible gun owners can proudly show their support for these worthy causes. If you can attend the open carry event, please do.  It will be a family-friendly event (see images of past events at ICarry.org) and is not a protest or rally.  It is a meet-and-greet and a way to exercise the 2nd Amendment. As always at events, keep firearms secure and safe.  Handling or show-and-tell of firearms is not welcome.

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