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I am Chris Dugan.  I have had 55 brain surgeries.  I need another brain surgery due to a clogged shunt, I have increased pressure in my head known as hydrocephalus,  I have moderate to sever dementia at the age of 51 so I need someone to fill my medications.  I also need someone to go grocery shopping for me.  I need a home health care nurse 24/7 due to my severe dementia.  In addition, I have Epilepsy, Tremors, Ataxia, Chiari MalformationTraumatic Brain Injury.

I live by myself and need help immediately because I am going home from the rehab facility today.

Please contact me @ 602-819-1313



May God Bless You For Helping Me.  I also need someone to drive me around.




I have $113 in my bank account.  PLEASE HELP ME IMMEDIATELY!


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