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Me and my two children lost our car due to a tornado that recently hit Henderson, Louisiana. Our car contained many of our belongings and was our only source of transportation, my children participate in many after school activities and i am currently working two jobs in order to support them and do my other duties as their mother. Due to the damage to our car and my current condition i am not able to support them and is struggling to keep up with payments. My children and I would be very grateful for any and all donations we may receive. I am working to try and raise money for a new car so I can continue to provide for my children and make sure that I can support them in whatever they are passionate about and for their needs. The recovery from the tornado has been tough for not only me and my family but, for Henderson and other areas that have been affected by the tornado as well. I am sure that with a little help and support from people not only in the community but outside it as well we can hopefully turn everything back the way it was or even better. It’s been difficult for me to be in-between rides in order to go back and forth from work, dropping my children to their summer activities and practices, and paying people for rides while having to pay bills. I live an hour away from each of my jobs and sometimes struggle to find rides for me and each of my children.


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