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Dear Friends:

Please help Two dedicated Volunteers with Vehicles to continue their community outreach.

One is Louis Vargas, a new friend doing outreach work on his own to help sick people in prison. I met him at a meeting to form teams for charity fundraising for medical outreach.  But Louis gave up his car to save his mother’s house, and is without transportation needed for work and volunteer outreach. I had already planned to buy a car for a Veteran (who lost his job, after spending all his savings on his mother’s medical care until she passed away) with a budget of 2500 to buy the car through an auto shop that offered to cover the repairs for charity. I used 2500 of my rent money, and still need help with the last $400 to pay for the windshield and other parts, with all the labor donated.  Since the Volunteer and Veteran were in the same boat, they agreed to share the car, to get the most from the same vehicle!

That’s half the story of why I am asking help to raise $4600.

The other half of this testimony is about an old friend, Darrell Patterson, who has been volunteering all his adult life, serving the youth and the elderly in the historic district and church community of Freedmen’s Town. Everyone knows “DP” as a volunteer leader in the community, always there to visit the elderly and sick, to organize and coach youth sports, and to drive the kids to athletic events to keep them healthy and active.

But few people know that Darrell had to give up work, because of leukemia and the chemotherapy treatments sending him back and forth to the hospital.  To save the Van that Darrell and the community depend on for transportation, I had been making the Van payments of 295 a month, and only need $1700 more to pay off the balance in full.

(I used to work two jobs since 2008, but since one company shut down in 2015, I have not been able to replace that salary I was using to pay for the Van.)

I am asking your help to chip in $4 to $40, to reach the goal of $4600:

* $1700 left on the Van, which is the remaining balance on the original $14,000 note I have paid to save the Van for Darrell Patterson and the Fourth Ward Center for Youth and Freedmen’s Town Boy Scouts

* $2500 to pay for the car for the Veteran and Volunteer Louis Vargas to share, and $400 to cover the windshield, tires, battery and other parts (where all the labor has been donated)

If you can please donate any amount, to help pay off these last few costs, your help will cover Vehicles for Two Volunteers and one Veteran sharing transportation. Thank you very much!

Yours truly,

Emily Nghiem

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