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My name is Gayla, and I am a nurse. I have worked in healthcare for the last 22 years and have been honored to care for so many wonderful people over the years. I have four beautiful children and 14 wonderful grandchildren that I am so proud of. I am also the Nana-Mommie of our great-grandson, who came to us to raise at 2 months old in 2020.  Also, in 2020, Covid-19 disrupted my work like so many others.  I did work some Covid units however, the added childcare responsibilities and limited childcare options used any extra resources. In 2022, I am finally starting an uphill climb and then Cancer!

In October of this year, I received a scary breast cancer diagnosis. An aggressive type of cancer called triple-negative breast cancer that is potentially hard to treat. I have had the necessary surgery and am facing both chemotherapy and radiation treatments to fight this cancer. Healthcare costs for cancer are so out of reach. I know times are hard for so many, and I have prayed a lot about this. I hate needing help but need some help to pay for cancer treatments and keep up with housing, utilities, and other essentials during this time. Also, did I mention that in 2020, I was blessed with a 2-month-old great-grandchild to raise? I love being a Nana-Mommie! I want to remain hopeful that I will have the best chance of receiving needed care. Any help would be so appreciated! Prayers are appreciated as well!  I will be using any and all donated funds to take care of medical and essential living expenses during this time of need. Thanks, Gayla


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