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The Holder Family started a new journey in the fall of 2015. It was on January 14, 2016 that Loretta learned Brandon, her 15-year old son, had a brain tumor. Fortunately, doctors acted quickly and he underwent surgery on January 21, 2016. The tumor was removed from the cerebellum, affecting his short-term memory and balance. To perform this brain surgery, the neurologist had to make a three- and a six-inch incision on the back of his skull. Brandon also had to have a drain tube placed out of the top of his head. This was followed with several MRI’s, therapies (speech, occupational and physical), doctor’s appointments and home schooling. He finally received a medical release and was allowed to return to school in April and was able to finish his freshman year. In October 2016, Brandon started showing symptoms (headaches and nausea) again, similar to those from the fall of 2015. Further testing needs to be performed, but all the costs associated with this diagnosis have put a huge financial strain on Loretta and her children. At this time, Loretta desperately needs help with insurance premiums and co-pays. She had to make a choice in June 2016 to leave her place of employment due to them not scheduling around  doctors appointments. She took on a new management position that presented opportunities to work and be mom to her 9 children.  However, she has recently been laid off from this job (January 1, 2017).  The business was closed with no notice in advance. Please pray for Brandon and help this sweet family get the medical treatment he needs. Faith is what has gotten this family through this journey so far. Loretta wakes up each day thanking God for another day and praying for continued blessings.

Written by: Misty Dolan

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