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My name is Kenneth Glasgow I am 83 years old and I live in Venice with my wife, Joanne who is 77.  I am dealing with Kidney Cancer and most recently. heart failure. 

In 2014 during an annual physical, the VA informed me that they were concerned about my blood draw numbers. They ordered an MRI and informed me that they suspected kidney cancer. I met with a Urologist who did a robotic partial nephrectomy and said that he had removed the cancer. Fast forward to 2021 when my annual blood test once again caused concern. I went to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa for their opinion and after an MRI and biopsi, I was diagnosed with kidney cancer (clear cell carcinoma) and they recommended a radical nephrectomy to remove my left kidney. Over the following months, my Oncologist found cancer cells in the bed where my kidney was and I had 5 rounds of radiation therapy followed by infusions of Keytruda alone for immunotherapy every 3 weeks at a cost of $12.500 each at Florida Cancer Specialsts in Venice with Moffit overseeing my treatments.. I have insurance but there are copays of $2500 for each infusion and other related out of pocket expenses. So far I have had 17 infusions and while the cancer has not spread, my doctors tell me they will have to take more tests and follow up every three months for the next two years. I will be living with the fear that the cancer will spread to other organs.  

We sold our home 3 years ago and moved to Venice, Fl., to be closer to Moffitt for treatments. When I was first diagnosed with cancer, I had a feeling that I would not live more than another year and so I did not pay attention to my finances. Since I cannot work, we have been living on our Social Security each month and savings which is gone as of 3 months ago. My wife, Joanne has medical problems with her feet and can barely stand or walk. She will eventually need surgery. The cancer has left us with financial problems since Social Security doesn’t even cover our rent.  We have made every rent payment on time for the past 2.5 years but we are concerned going forward. 

I have worked all my life and would be happy to be working now but I am unable to stand long enough for a job. I also have a heart condition and had triple bypass heart surgery 24 years ago. This past week, I had to go to the local hospital ER with shortness of breath. They did an echo cardiogram and determined that a valve in my heart needed to be either replaced or repaired and that is being schedulrd in the next few weeks. I also have sciatica with horrible pain in my hips and legs. The radiation has caused several ulcers in my lower intestine which gives me a burning pain most of the day. The Radiation Oncologist says there is no cure for it but it will probably get better in a year or two. 

If we could get half of our monthly rent for 6 months for a total of $9000, we could manage to pay the other half each month from our Social Security and the pressure would be off.  

So, my goal is to raise $9,000 but we would welcome any portion of that amount even as little as $25. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your generosity. 


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