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Meet Jessica & Jaxon, Jaxon was immediately rushed to the NICU an hour or more away from home right after being born, His throat was constricted shut, he needed an operation to open it, also he happen to inherit his daddy’s & grandma’s breathing disorder which also constrict the airways. He has spent most of his first year in the hospital, when he is at home he is on monitors, nebulizer, inhalers, steroids, all sorts of other medicines. He recently contracted RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) & quit breathing on her birthday which has hospitalized him yet again. which she will not leave his side as it is very deadly virus for him as he is high risk. She has 2 full time health care positions which are not very good at working with her in these situations. She is already behind in rent & utilities because of his many admittance to children’s hospital. She recently has become without a vehicle due to mechanical issues she wasn’t able to afford to fix. She is going to be evicted, I am thinking if she could get her own house, where all she needs to worry about is utilities n taxes once a year it would be so much easier for her to just work one job and be available for Jaxon when he is in the hospital fighting to live. Jessica is a very strong independent woman who tries so hard to do everything the right way to support her kids, & provide a home and the things they need but it is hard for her to do when Jaxon is always being admitted to the hospital for weeks at a time, or when her other kids are sick and due to covid-19 mandates they are not allowed in school or in daycare and trying to find a reliable sitter for sick kids is one of the hardest things to do since the out break of the covid-19 virus. I know she feels like she isn’t doing enough, I know she cries at night, it wasn’t her fault her husband walked away from for someone much younger leaving her with 4 kids 1 who has autism, 1 who seems to be always in the hospital, Now she needs to get a new (different) vehicle, one that doesn’t need major repairs. Please if you can find it in your heart to donate, I know that she would be so grateful for any & all help that you can do. This would the greatest gift she ever received!! It also would the most appreciated gift ever!!


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