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Cancer is the longest journey that you want desperately to end. But can’t deal with the outcome…

You always think it happens “to someone else”. Until it creeps into your own life. You genuinely feel for those “others”. Probably even helped in some form. Then your life is turned upside down. And you know. Truly know how much suffering was endured. Despite your faith, personal beliefs, spirituality – you are angry. At least I was. Still in the process of soul searching. Even after 7 months of this roller coaster ride.

We are your typical family. I know my husband was meant for me. After 23 years together, not a doubt. We have 16 year old twins.

The day Mike was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, I remember jumping in my mind to him, to me, to our children, to us. And I recall both of our tears. We were in shock.

Mike’s cancer originated in his tonsil area. Progressed to his throat and into his lymph nodes.

Things moved quickly. His oncologists blasted him with chemo and radiation. Radiation every day – 35 sessions. Combined with radiation every week for 33 sessions. He spent a week in the hospital. The treatments made him so sick. He contracted pneumonia and sepsis while he was hospitalized.

He has only been fed through a feeding tube for the last 6 months. The feeding tube and port (for infusions and chemo) were among the first procedures done.

His body still can’t eat. Or, handle treatments anymore. Now he has nodules on his lungs. One area in particular of greatest concern. His weight lost has been unreal – 60 pounds. Bumps all along the road. Iron infusions; dehydration infusions; trips to the ER for sodium drips. To ensure his brain would not swell. His frustration with the weakness and lethargy breaks my heart.

Mike lost his job because of cancer. Despite getting legal intervention, for blatantly breaking FMLA laws. The outcome was minimal.  The worst was Mike’s genuine hurt over being treated in such a manner.

Mike is truly a “good man”, with a heart of gold. He has spent his entire career taking care of others. Mostly abused children and addicted adolescents. That’s how we met. ♥️ I worked for him in a shelter home that took care of abused kids. I admired him then; and now more than ever.

We haven’t decided yet how we will proceed with the lung diagnosis. There is quality of life. And span of life. Whichever directions we choose, we will do it together. Everyone says “be strong”. I try. One day at a time…

We have zero income. Working on Social Security Disability. Understanding you need an attorney. Between juggling the household, exploring any resources that may be available to us. Which is how I stumbled upon this program.

Please know our gratitude of anyone able to help. It is very humbling putting “your story” out there.

Anyone who is a believer in prayer, a quick prayer for our family is requested. And highly appreciated.

Thank-you for your time to read our story. It is our life. And cancer consumes it.

Blessings, Coleen Campi


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