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In December of 2016 my mom was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. After surgery to remove part of her right lung, and the cancer, and chemo and radiation she was cancer free until December of 2017 when they found a tumor on her cerebellum.  She went through multiple rounds of chemo and radiation and hospital stays.  Nothing was working the tumor kept growing and caused issues to her everyday life.  In March of 2020 my mom was rushed to the emergency room only to be rushed to OSF in Peoria Illinois where they performed a surgery to remove the tumor.  Again she was in and out of the hospital but finally came home only to go back every 3 months for MRIs.  Unfortunately the tumor was growing again but coming back faster.  In January of 2021 she was given the option to stay aggressive and have the surgery again or just have hospice come and keep her comfortable until it was time and they gave her 6 months if she didn’t have surgery.  So on February she had the surgery unfortunately after she wasn’t able to walk.  Mom had to have 24 hour care.  March 8th she was hospitalized due to sodium levels being to low it took a week and two days before she came home.  March 17 I left work and went to pick her up and bring her home all she did was sleep.  Thursday was no response to pain to nothing.  Hospice came Thursday night and gave her 72 hours or less.  Friday morning on March 19th at 4 am my mom took her last breath.  Two days later would have been her 57th birthday. Now I’m fighting to try and pay off any debt she has.  If anyone can help me keep keep the personal items she left for me in her Will that would be great.  Her home and property and vehicles.  The cars are tied to a loan she didn’t get paid off.  Please if anyone can help me I thank you in advance.  Also can send to my home address 441 84th Ave New Boston Illinois 61272  will also provide Receipts


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